About NationStates

What is NationStates?

Some of our users who have just stumbled across this forum on the internet and joined to participate in the political sections of the forum may be confused at all of the references to NationStates. NationStates ("NS") is an online nation simulation game which has morphed into a massive online community made up of many different pockets - but often political/military/history enthusiasts.

The basics of NationStates are that you create a nation (account) and answer regular "issues" which involve your fictional nation facing a problem which you - as leader - must solve. You're presented with numerous options pushed by various self-interested advocates. The options are extreme and always lead to massive unintended consequences - and your nation is always extremely horrible in one way or another. Though it can be seen as a parody, the core game is still enjoyable for the trade-off nature of the issues as there is no "right" decision, if the government takes an action (or chooses not to) there's always a consequence. There's a benefit, and a cost. Winners and losers. Etc. There's other aspects of the core game too - such as a World Assembly (similar to the Untied Nations) which creates international law.

NationStates was launched in 2002 and has operated ever since. Its owner is Max Barry, a novelist who used the site to promote his (then) new book Jennifer Government.

Beyond the core game, a massive community has developed over the years. NationStates has its own massive forum, and is divided into "regions" (often more like alliances) containing groups nations. I learned most of what I know about politics from my time in right wing regions of this game. I'm a passionate advocate for this site, and the content here is really suitable for all ages (13+) as even adults can enjoy and learn from the content on the site.

Why do I keep seeing people talk about it? Why was I asked to provide a NationStates account on account creation?

Conservatism.org was launched as the offsite forum for a conservative group within the NationStates community. Sections of the forum are directly related to NationStates, and other sections (like the political discussion area) area aren't related to NationStates but instead are general chat.

Feel free to participate in the non-NS sections if you aren't a member of our NS region, but I encourage you to give NationStates a try (even if you choose a region other than ours)! And I ask that you don't interfere in the NS sections of the forum if you aren't involved in NS. Thank you!