Contact Administration

This page is used to contact site staff. Content posted here will appear in a private forum that can be viewed only by myself (site founder) and trusted staff. This is a great way to
  • bring rule breaking to our attention EXCEPT Private Messages (see below),
  • bring copyrighted material posted by a user of this forum to our attention,
  • appeal moderator decisions,
  • alert staff to technical problems that could be abused if posted publicly,
  • make sensitive reports about the conduct of other users on this forum,
  • communicate anything to the staff you feel we need to know.
This is not the most effective way to
  • suggest cosmetic improvements or features for the site - There is a technical and moderation forum where the issue could be publicly discussed by all members instead.
  • Ask how to do something - again, post in the public technical portion of our forum and someone (staff or non-staff) can assist you.
We prefer the use of the 'report' feature for alerting us to posts/topics that violate the forum rules. Especially for adspam and other easy and quick moderation issues that are violations on their face. We will accept/respond to reports submitted here, however. If the content you are alerting us to is in a private message, you must log in and 'report' (button near reply, looks like an exclamation mark "!") the message. The only way anyone can see a private message other than the sender or recipient is through that report system.

Most issues are dealt with without much need for response, if you are a guest you may leave an email for us to get in touch with you should it be needed. Otherwise we will PM. is determined to keep our site clean, and to addressing any concerns by members of our community. Thanks for your part in making that easier for us.

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