Requests for NationStates Diplomat / Non-Citizen Access

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Requests for NationStates Diplomat / Non-Citizen Access

Post by The Gipper » Sat May 12, 2018 12:21 pm

Thank you for showing interest in our forum! As you may have noticed, some parts of this forum is not able to be viewed by registered members. This is a thread where you can ask to access other parts of the forum.
What Will I Be Able To See (And Not See)? Click here --->Show
If you are masked as a Diplomat / Non-Citizen you WILL gain access to the following sections of our forum:
  • Discussion of the NationStates World Assembly (resolutions, proposals, voting, etc)
  • The Embassy section for other NationStates regions or organizations (applying for an embassy, posting in an embassy, reading posts from all other embassies)
  • NationStates Discussion - somewhat of a catch all for any broad NS topics.
A diplomat / non-citizen still MAY NOT access:
  • Governmental sections of our forum.
  • Citizen discussion areas.
  • Any private NationStates military areas.
To access these sections you need to be masked {at least} as a Citizen. (See here!)
What Are The Requirements For This Masking? Click here --->Show
The requirements are not strict. We ask you disclose your NationStates main nation (and/or your most common alias) and let us know which regions / organizations you are currently active in.
Don't Apply Here Before Applying For Citizen. Click here --->Show
If you are a member of our region and want to be a citizen please apply in this other thread. The thread you are currently viewing is not for you.

You do NOT need to be a non-citizen before you can become a citizen. Go straight to the above application thread and apply to become a citizen straight away. It saves me time moving you between groups! :P
Please copy and paste the below application. I, or another member of site staff, will be along shortly to remask you. Feel free to post in our off-topic sections while you wait!

Code: Select all

Your Main Nation in NationStates:

Common alias / nick names other than above which we may know you by (can be left blank if you go by your main nation name):

Please identify any regions or organizations which you currently participate in:
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