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Requests for NationStates Diplomat / Non-Citizen Access

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 12:21 pm
by The Gipper
Thank you for showing interest in our forum! As you may have noticed, some parts of this forum is not able to be viewed by registered members. This is a thread where you can ask to access other parts of the forum.
What Will I Be Able To See (And Not See)? Click here --->Show
If you are masked as a Diplomat / Non-Citizen you WILL gain access to the following sections of our forum:
  • Discussion of the NationStates World Assembly (resolutions, proposals, voting, etc)
  • The Embassy section for other NationStates regions or organizations (applying for an embassy, posting in an embassy, reading posts from all other embassies)
  • NationStates Discussion - somewhat of a catch all for any broad NS topics.
A diplomat / non-citizen still MAY NOT access:
  • Governmental sections of our forum.
  • Citizen discussion areas.
  • Any private NationStates military areas.
To access these sections you need to be masked {at least} as a Citizen. (See here!)
What Are The Requirements For This Masking? Click here --->Show
The requirements are not strict. We ask you disclose your NationStates main nation (and/or your most common alias) and let us know which regions / organizations you are currently active in.
Don't Apply Here Before Applying For Citizen. Click here --->Show
If you are a member of our region and want to be a citizen please apply in this other thread. The thread you are currently viewing is not for you.

You do NOT need to be a non-citizen before you can become a citizen. Go straight to the above application thread and apply to become a citizen straight away. It saves me time moving you between groups! :P
Please copy and paste the below application. I, or another member of site staff, will be along shortly to remask you. Feel free to post in our off-topic sections while you wait!

Code: Select all

Your Main Nation in NationStates:

Common alias / nick names other than above which we may know you by (can be left blank if you go by your main nation name):

Please identify any regions or organizations which you currently participate in: